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Metal Engineering with a Difference

Award-winning custom metal fabrication company and leading subcontract metal manufacturing company based in Ireland.

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About Us

Welcome to Inishowen Engineering

We’re an award-winning custom metal fabrication company. As a leading subcontract metal manufacturing company based in Ireland, we’ve been serving a range of industries since 1994, offering sheet metal fabrication, metal design and integrated engineering services. 

We have the cutting-edge facilities to carry out a wide variety of subcontract sheet metal work. Additionally, we provide a quick turnaround of metal prototypes using our full range of expert sheet metal fabrication techniques and technologies.

Inishowen Engineering now employs over 120 people from designers and engineers to production staff, welders and machine operators, combining a diverse range of skills and knowledge into an expert, integrated solution for businesses across the globe.

Our Services

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

Our subcontract sheet metal manufacturing facilities include precision sheet metal laser and gas profiling, metal folding, precision CNC, machining sheet metal fabrication, E-coating, powder coating and assembly.



We have an established history in providing superior metal laser cutting services for a variety industries. Find out more about our commitment to excellence.  


CNC Folding

We are able to offer a wide range of metal folding solutions form manual press brake folding to automated panel bending. This means that we’re always able to provide a suitable and efficient method to meet the needs of each customer.


CNC Machining

We provide CNC machining services of any complexity for the production of both small and large series of parts. We use such CNC machining methods as 3 and 5-axis CNC-milling, turning and drilling. We also provide different post-processing of parts upon request: coatings, heat-treatment and others.



We offers a range of welding solutions including MIG welding, TIG welding, robotic welding, mild steel and stainless steels.



Our dedicated in-house E-coat & powder coating plant ensures tight control on both efficiency and delivery and guarantees that quality remains our highest priority



Whether you require a simple sub-assembly or a complex build, Inishowen Engineering’s dedicated in-house assembly teams are on hand to ensure that products are completed on time to the highest quality

Benefits of Working with Inishowen Engineering

Why Choose Us?

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Our Expertise

We have a wealth of knowledge in metal fabrication, having worked with numerous industry sectors since 1994.

Our Technology

We use the latest CAD design software, manufacturing and fabrication equipment.

Our Team

Our operators have access to ongoing training, ensuring that each member of our team is fully skilled and experienced in all of the latest technologies.


We strive to offer the most cost-effective service to all of our customers, no matter what your requirements are.

Customer Service

We always put our customers first. We will be available to advise on any areas you require assistance on right through your project.

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Who We Work With...


Since 1994, Inishowen Engineering have worked across a wide spectrum of sectors including automotive, agricultural, materials handling, and many more. This experience has enabled us to develop an understanding of the specific requirements of each sector we supply. Our design and engineering departments work closely with customers to develop and refine products from a valued engineering perspective. 


Agricultural Sector

As a leading Irish sheet metal fabricator, Inishowen Engineering is the company of choice for a number of agricultural machinery manufacturing businesses

We operate from a 155,000 ft² sheet metal work production facility – significantly, this facility is in operation 24 hours a day to maximise productivity and meet the needs of our clients.


Materials Handling Sector

Although we can manufacture components to many different design specifications, we are proud manufacturers of components for material handling vehicles. Our design department has worked closely with customers to develop elements such as: Chassis, Masts, Battery housings, Brackets, Covers and Fork Carriers etc.


Material Proccessing

Our quality assured, tried and tested processes ensure that we design, manufacture and produce to the highest quality. We understand that you need durability in difficult and often harsh working conditions.

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If you would like to discuss your sheet metal fabrication requirements with Inishowen Engineering, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. 

Inishowen Engineering Ltd.

Capital Investment Initiative Grant co-funded under Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Inishowen Engineering is being supported by Enterprise Ireland to support the development of the business by providing Capital Investment funding. This funding is being used for the purchasing of critical equipment to advance the company in line with the latest technologies and to enhance existing production process. Inishowen has invested €30 million in building a new factory and equipping it with new production processes and the result of this investment has created a sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing facility base in Inishowen , Co. Donegal. This investment has resulted in the creation of 35 new jobs in 2021 and more job creation is planned in 2022.